We went to meet are teachers and then we had a tour round the school Nathan has got mr and I ve got a miss it was really  fun but I heard that I have to get a hair cut.


I got up at 5:00 and woke dad up  because we were going to the zoo. I took my laptop and that  was so thing to do. We stopped to have a mc Donald’s I had a hash brown then we carried on. When we arrived at the zoo we had to put loads of sun tan loashion on because we did not want to get sun burnt. There was a zoo keeper with a blue tongue lizard.  We went on the train and we had a really good day.


We went round are friends house for an Indian it was really good because Jordan has a bike and a mini moped. I went on the back of the mini moped to the community pool then we played a crash bandy coot game  it was well good.


We went to this place for a hole day and we made some stuff  with clay and done some paintings and some glow in the dark pictures. I made this dinosaur and a turtle, snail and a bowl for mum. We had a great day.


We went to trishas and then we went over to the park to have a barbecue.Suzzie  made loads of stuff so we had to go back on the golf buggy then they took us on a fast ride like straight across the round about on a bumpy road nearly all the way down to bilo.
Then some people watched momma mai then we played ruby and frisby then we went home.


We went to a skate park and we was going up and down on are bikes I tried to go up this ramp and my wheel came of very kindly a boy had a spanner and he fixed it up so I could go again. We stayed there for a little longer the we went home picked Kelsey up then we had a barbecue.