We went to the zoo and first we went to the snakes alive pit the we went on the train. Then we  went to have a look at the koalas then we stroke and fed the kangaroos after we went for an ice-cream then we saw  the croc show. After we had a look at the aboriginal dancers they were scary. Finally we had a look in the gift shop and I bought a cuddly koala and Kelsey got a purse and Nathan got a magnetic kangaroo . Then we headed for home and got some dinner we watched a film called the perfect man. it was a really good then we went to bed.


Mummy went to scrummy mummy to meet some new friends and me and Nathan and dad and  Kelsey went to by a toy a bought a remote control Subaru and Nathan bought a jet powered buggy and then we went to a park to ride round it then we went to pick mum up then we came home to go in the pool then we went to bed .


We went into Brisbane and we saw a live band and Nathan got lost and dad nearly called the police and then we went to the London I but in Brisbane then we had a lovely trip home on the train. 


We looked around a school and then we met a boy called Jake that could lay a guitar then we looked at a propriety then we came home.


We bought some bikes to ride on so then we put them together and then we rided round.


We looked at some display homes and then we got shown round some fantastic other houses that we could live in.


We went to some fantastic parks today because we were so good with are parents so what we did was we started at one park and then we went on to another and another so then we came home and then we went into the swimming even though it was so cold.


We were looking at some propities what were near to the water and had pontoons.Then we went out for a meal with a ladie called Jane then we went into the swimming pool. 


We have just been out to the shops to bye things but when we came back Kelsey was sleeping so then when she woke up she as krying her head off the holder then now hwe  are watcing the tv so then after we can go to bed.

We went to Brisbane on a train to the bank account to open an Australian bank. Before that we went to surfer’s paradise to see some surfers.


I really hated the journey because it was to longand I did not get much sleep at all so I am very disappointed about that then I was so painful. After the journey it was pouring it down with rain so dredful I thought sod it lets just turn around and just go back so we just went to the villa.