We went to a skate park and we was going up and down on are bikes I tried to go up this ramp and my wheel came of very kindly a boy had a spanner and he fixed it up so I could go again. We stayed there for a little longer the we went home picked Kelsey up then we had a barbecue.     


We noticed that there was a massive huntsman on the wall. When dad went out to get some spray I pulled my tooth out then dad sprayed the huntsman dead but just to make sure he stood on it. SCWELCH.


We saw the Simsons movie witch was very funny my best bit was when homer got spider pig. We went down to the beach then we saw people play rugby then we went to do a little bit of fishing then Kelsey played up so we had to go in side..


We spent most of the day in the swimming pool and we went down to the beach. We Climbed the tree and I went really high on the tree. Then we went in the swimming pool again then had dinner.


As it’s the summer holiday we met some people a paradise point beach. We had loads of fun then we came home had a shower then we went straight to the tavern  to have are dinner. I had fish with chips Nathan had stake and chips and mum had stake sandwich. Dad had curry and Kelsey had same as me.  Dads breath stunk of garlic for days.


Kelsey  was  going to school today so that would be great then I would be able to have some piece and quite but she wanted mum to stay for a little while but I think soon as she gets there she will say “ BYE MUM” and run of and play.


We played the play station and we went into the swimming pool. Dad went out to Bunning’s  to get some sun lounges . We had some mice in are house so dad got some mice traps and put some peanut butter on it then a mouse got caught inside it and it snapped on his head.


Fishing for the first time I caught 4 then dad caught 1 mum caught 1. My rod was broken so dad brought one for me and him to share and then dad braught me one but it broke so we had to fix it and I had dads.


We went to the zoo and first we went to the snakes alive pit the we went on the train. Then we  went to have a look at the koalas then we stroke and fed the kangaroos after we went for an ice-cream then we saw  the croc show. After we had a look at the aboriginal dancers they were scary. Finally we had a look in the gift shop and I bought a cuddly koala and Kelsey got a purse and Nathan got a magnetic kangaroo . Then we headed for home and got some dinner we watched a film called the perfect man. it was a really good then we went to bed.


Mummy went to scrummy mummy to meet some new friends and me and Nathan and dad and  Kelsey went to by a toy a bought a remote control Subaru and Nathan bought a jet powered buggy and then we went to a park to ride round it then we went to pick mum up then we came home to go in the pool then we went to bed .